Category: Expression: Vibrant Colours

  • Natural Mood Views (July 2024)

    Natural Mood Views (July 2024)

    Ireland at its immaculate and magnificent beauty – I wanted to share this small collection from my travels around the country in times past. Ill upload more as I finish over the months of June, July & August Whether you consider it more digital art or creative license / enhancement, I shall leave that to…

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  • Solar Storm (May 2024)

    Solar Storm (May 2024)

    Welcome folks – we are in the midst of a once in a 20 plus year event with the Earth facing a G5 Multi Wave Solar Storm. It is a an exciting event leading to high to mid latitude auroras last night and potentially tonight as well Luck has been a bit hit and miss…

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  • Twilight City Scapes (May 2024)

    Twilight City Scapes (May 2024)

    I just wanted to share a small collection of photos of some famous locales in some of the best European Cities that I took on my travels that didn’t make the cut for Nature or City Scapes due to the original photo’s lacking that little something or just was taken when the weather and /…

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  • Welcome, One and All

    Welcome, One and All

    Welcome all. Thank you for visiting. This first post is just a little open introduction about myself with some personal angles. I will be starting to upload my work(s) over the next couple of months but I thought that I would take the chance to introduce myself and the vision of this site/blog/artistic expression shall…

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