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  • Rome In a Day? No Way!

    Rome In a Day? No Way!

    Welcome or welcome back! I hope you have enjoyed the content across my site. Today this blog entry shall be a simple one Rome has always been a place in my heart and dreams that I wanted to see. The sense of history mixed with the roman mentality has always been a draw for me…

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  • Simply Berlin

    Simply Berlin

    In a slight change or maybe bigger change, Ill be taking a more personal ad hoc emotive approach to my writing of posts going forward – do bare with me as I am still very much just starting to figure out my writing style for this site. My photography is in the same vein and…

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  • Welcome, One and All

    Welcome, One and All

    Welcome all. Thank you for visiting. This first post is just a little open introduction about myself with some personal angles. I will be starting to upload my work(s) over the next couple of months but I thought that I would take the chance to introduce myself and the vision of this site/blog/artistic expression shall…

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